1.5 metre Cray Loop

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THIS SIZE LOOP IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN OUR PARTNER SHOPS (please see at the end our partner list)

Handmade high quality cray loops
High gauge 316 stainless steel springs (thick and strong) on the market that will outlast anything. 
The clip handle allow to clip the loop on to a line when getting in/out of a boat or using it to attach to a float line and tow around when freediving. The grips are also the same size as a western Rock lobster so you can quickly eye up a cray without pulling out the gauge. Also the loop is the perfect size for a 76mm cray.  This stops you munching cackers. The angle on the loop is  allowing you to get right behind the cray. Best quality cable is used to avoid fraying.


Oldmanblue - Perth - Australia 

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