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Old Man Blue

Crayfish/Abalone Gauge Combo Pack

Crayfish/Abalone Gauge Combo Pack

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Get the V1 + V2 Crayfish Gauges in a discounted combo pack! 

V1.0 is known as our Metro Cray Gauge. It is intended for use in and around the Perth metro area where the crayfish and abalone are generally smaller in size.

V2.0 is our Outback Cray Gauge, meant to be used on remote dive trips further away from the city. Crayfish and abalone are 

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Way better than a weight belt.The Orca Harness

  • Mel Brunning

    "HONESTLY made the massive difference. I didn't feel like I was wearing any weights, I was able to flatten out and stabilize myself underwater on the bottom and be still. Felt so much more effortless!!"

Upgrade your Crayfish diving and Spearfishing