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  • "I 💯 RATE AND LOVE THAT VEST!! HONESTLY made the massive difference. I didn't feel like I was wearing any weights, I was able to flatten out and stabilize myself under water on the bottom and be still. Felt so much more effortless!!"

    Mel Brunning | @Mel_Brunning

  • Love the new bag! So much less drag, at least until the end of the dive. Impossible to lose a cray out of it. Can’t wait for more dives this summer 🤟🏻”

    Olly Robinson | @Ollyy.robinson

  • “The Old Man Blue dive gear does it again…never lets you down. Seriously the best catch bags you will ever use. Zero drag, easy to slip the crays in and plenty of room.“

    Garry Dyer | @gazdyer16

  • "I’m much more at home with an Old Man Blue loop in my hand.”

    Michael Clitheroe | @Captainmiik

  • Your harness has been brilliant to dive in lately. Bloody stoked to run it!


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