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Orca Eye Stickers

Orca Eye Stickers

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Orca Eye Fin Stickers

Eyes play a huge role in the underwater world, often being used as a way to scare off predators. The Orca being the natural predator of the Great White Shark, we thought it was a good idea to stick some Orca eyes on the back of your fins to make it look like you have a set of eyes back there!

These Orca Eye stickers are based off Bert's African West Coast encounter with a massive Orca. While we would never sell these as a shark deterrent, it is well known that eyes can make a predator think twice about getting closer. They also look awesome!

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Way better than a weight belt.The Orca Harness

  • Mel Brunning

    "HONESTLY made the massive difference. I didn't feel like I was wearing any weights, I was able to flatten out and stabilize myself underwater on the bottom and be still. Felt so much more effortless!!"

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