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Safety Mirror

Safety Mirror

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SAFETY DEVICE - Look at your target through the hole and they will see your flashes!

Getting lost at sea is one of the most terrifying thoughts you can imagine. If you get separated and can't contact your buddies, either the current takes you further or the swell gets too high and it's difficult to spot divers in the water, you NEED a way to escape. 

Should the worst happen, this Safety Mirror could save your life. It is designed with highly reflective material which catches the sunlight and flashes brightly. It also has a hole built in, look at your target through the hole and your flashes will be visible to your target.

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Way better than a weight belt.The Orca Harness

  • Mel Brunning

    "HONESTLY made the massive difference. I didn't feel like I was wearing any weights, I was able to flatten out and stabilize myself underwater on the bottom and be still. Felt so much more effortless!!"

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